At Sidewinder, our management team has implemented the type of safety and management systems and procedures demanded by many of the largest onshore operators. We have leveraged our previous experiences at predecessor companies, the last one being Scorpion Offshore, which achieved a safety record of zero serious injuries during our management team’s tenure at the company which lasted more than five years.

Our robust HSE program has the full support of top management and the company’s Board of Directors. Most of our customers regard our HSE performance, and that of their other vendors, as part of their overall performance. It’s our rig and our people, but we are part of our customer’s overall performance and reputation and we are mindful of these facts.

At Sidewinder, many departments are actively engaged in supporting the HSE function however, our safety culture is about operations owning safety and each individual having a set of behaviors and beliefs that do not change when supervision is absent. Our approach is to focus on people, process and equipment and provide the tools necessary to create an incident-free workplace.